AUTUMN 2024 - UPsideDOWN

Cena: 3 920 Kč
9.9. - 16.12. 2024
pondělí od 7.15 - 8.45 PM (19.15 - 20.45 h)


Requisites: Students should have a current regular practice of yoga or have practiced regularly in the past ( this course is not for newbies)

This course is an UNIQUE opportunity to learn IN PERSON everything you need to know about  the INVERTED positions and get regular practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher in this matter.

This course is only offered in Prague at our studio. Each lesson is structured as a Vinyasa flow including the explanations and practice of each one of the inverted positions.

Get to know all what is needed anatomically, as muscles involved, required flexibility, stability and strength to perform each inverted position; general conditioning of the body and a proper preparation to have a right alignment to develop the inverted postures, incorporating them in your daily practice.

Also learn how to face the fear of getting upside down, different ways how to enter the postures and tricks to ease them!

Covering Headstands, Forearms balance and Handstands. Get all the information you need to approach them in an easy and better way without fearing!

Don't miss this opportunity of spicing your practice up! 🤸
And it doesn't matter if you have never try them, this is the time to get the information you need and the practice to start! 🙏

V tomto kurzu je možnost si 2 lekce nahradit na jiné otevřené lekci ve studiu. V případě zásahu vyšší moci a omezení provozu studia, bude kurz pokračovat ve výuce online.

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