Sunday Funday Flow

Každá neděle od 5.10 - 6.10 PM

A 60 minute dynamic flow class using breath based movements and consent cards for postural assist. We will incorporate pranayama yoga (breath practice) and dhyana yoga (meditation) into the class then move into asana yoga (postures). Building from the foundations of asana postures then moving into options to find your version of the challenging and peak postures. 
• The fun will be presented in opportunities to embrace your inner child and giggle a little.
• Most postures will be held for 3 breaths 
• Props will be suggested while postures are safely explained, demonstrated, and experienced with modifications
• Attendees are encouraged to embrace modifications and adjustments that work for their body during the class, and to release internalized and external expectations
• Some knowledge of yoga will be helpful, but verbal instruction will help you move into the postures if you are new to yoga.

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