Soul Vinyása with Piper


Simple flow of movement with breath with exchange of spirituality concepts from the roots of ancient yoga practice. Soul Vinyasa is contemporary sequencing suitable for all levels, designed to test your endurance and flexibility while growing your practice and curiosity with yoga. We will integrate and connect all parts of you using the proven philosophical tools of yoga and well-being. You will leave feeling lighter, stretched out, and knowing yourself and your place in the world just a little bet better.

Come to connect mind, soul and body with contemporary music and flow. Class is balanced with energetic flow, strength and deep relaxation interwoven. We will explore deepening poses, learning tricky transitions, balancing, twisting, all through a yogic lens of living and breathing with soul strength and powerful lust for life.

Try this set or sign up for the entire yoga course of 14 lessons with make-ups possible.




1. Virasana Hero's Pose

Begin with pranayama, seated and centered with intention.



2. Balasana Child's Pose

Go to an active childs pose to begin opening the hips and mind body scan to determine your energetic level for practice.


3. Merudandasna Bear Pose

Activate your core stabilization system and rock back and forth to fire up the large muscles in your legs.



4. Suryanamaskar A  Sun Salute A

Warm up the body and get strength in the shoulders, arms, and hands.


5. Suryanamaskar B Sun Salute B

Create Cardiovascular HEAT by isolating each leg for activation and opening the hips.


6. Namaskar Parsvokonasana Prayer Twist

Revisit strength in the legs in Utkatasana Chair. Bring mobility to the spin with twisting through the core and cultivating control of the torso


7.  Parsvakonasana Side Crow

Deepen the squat and find full extension in the feet and flexion in the knees. Take it to the hands to promote movement forward without fear.


8. Astavakrasana Eight Angle Pose + Devaduuta Pannasana Fallen Angel

Develop a sense of control by slowly lowering the head toward the floor and sending the feet toward the ceiling. Bring the poses together, Deepen the twist, and find a sense of PLAY in the practice.


This yoga set was prepared by Piper Lori Parker @piperloriparker and photographed by Dara Rakovčik