Yin yoga TTC with Jo Phee

June 20th-June 27th 2021
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Original dates Sept 2020 has been moved due to Covid -19 situation


Chinese Medicine, Meridian and Hip Anatomy module

Cost: Early Bird 1450 Euro

Learn the theories of Chinese Medicine and how to preserve our pre-natal essence of Kidney Jing via Yin Yoga. Jo Phee is senior assistant to Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley.

Chinese Medicine

- Yin Yoga: Theory and Practice
- Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
- TCM Diagnostics
- Yin Yang Philosophy
- The 3 Treasures & 4 Vital Substances
- TCM Visceral System
- Theory of Qi
- Acupuncture Meridian Theory
- Balancing Qi in the Meridians
- Meridian Pathways & Meridian Clock
- Hand and Foot Meridian Points
- Meridians Organ Health
- Meridians and the Emotions
- Meridian Nidra
- Guasha & Cupping
- Meridian Tracing, Meridian Palpation
- Meridian Tapping, Meridian Massage
- TCM Lifestyle and Diet
- The Five Element Theory

Training Hours
Day 1 - 6
8am – 12pm
1.30pm – 5.30pm
Day 7
8am – 12pm
1.30pm – 3.30pm

Meridian Yin

- Yin Yoga Theory and Practice
- Analysis of Classic Yin Poses
- Props and Modifications
- Sequencing and Teaching Methodology
- Incorporating Meridian Theory into Yin

Anatomy of Yoga (Hip)

- Anatomy 101 (Hip)
- Skeletal Variation (Hip)
- Posture Analysis Lab (Hip)
- Dysfunctions and Treatments (Hip)

Cost: Early Bird 1450 Euro, incl VAT before 30 March, 2020
Regular Price 1660 Euro, incl VAT, 1st April 2020, onwards

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