Sandra Soul


Naše hostující lektorka z Izraele, která předává své zkušenosti a lásku k józe po celém světě.

My way

Well I would to start that whole my life there was dance.
Choreography, latina and Pole dance.
Once I was teenager,I've started to learn meditation because of troubles with my family- that time it was my way to deal with trauma.

Five years ago I found my guru and started to learn hatha yoga and took my first Cource of Yoga teaching.
In corona time I was learning and teaching improving my skills.

I had my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Cource in India, Rishikesh in 2022, where I studied hatha, ashtanga techniques,
meditation, pranayama , methodology,
Ayurveda and many other interesting cources.
After that I started to learn chakra healing and
Nail standing Sadhu.

So day after day Im getting deeper in philosophy and practices.
I prefer conscious way of life, helping other people as I can.