PODZIM 2022 - Spicy vinyasa

Cena: 3 750 Kč
12.9. - 19.12. 2022
pondělí od 7.00 - 8.30 PM (19.00 - 20.35 h)

Spicy Vinyasa will be focus on INVERSIONS.

You will learn everything you need to know to get in to the INVERTED positions. Get to know what is needed anatomically (muscles involves, flexibility, stability and strength of the shoulders and shoulder girdles). General conditioning of the body, preparation and drills needed for good alignment and development of the postures to incorporate them in your daily practice. How to face the fear to the Inversions, variations to enter the postures and tricks to ease them! Covering Headstands and transitions, Forearms balance and transitions and Handstands. Get all the information you need to approach them in an easy and better way without fearing! Don't miss this opportunity of spicing your practice up! 
And doesn't matter if you have never try them, this is the time to get the info and the practice you need to start! 

Pro ženy i pro muže
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