Gentle yoga with Olga Bubnová.

Every Thursday 20 - 21:15 p.m.

Restorative yoga invites us to slow down and be active and attentive to ourselves.

The  idea of the restorative yoga comes from belief that to a great extent our body is able to heal itself . How? by for example  natural movements, which come from  the inner you. It could be compared with a dance which you create by listening to your body.

What we are going to do?

We will go for classic yoga poses in a soften way, we will add natural movements to these classic asanas. We will go for light twists, gentle backbends, hips and low back tension release poses. We also will rest with props supporting all body parts. With body and mind relaxed but nervous system awake we slow the heart rate and breathing, we increase blood flow to internal organs. It is a healing practice for the body and also for the mind.  There are no special requirements for the classes. You can be a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

P.S. These classes are inspired by Donna Farhi teaching. This amazing yoga teacher and woman healed herself after a sever injury using this approach.

"About my classes - I believe our body can heal itself when we listen to it. I add natural movements to classic yoga poses (when we listen to our body where it wants to go or where it wants to stay in a particular frame) … each class is a different though the style is the same - gentle flow, gentle stretch, yoga therapy for the back and hips, breathing exercises, and a smile." - Olga

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