Atmavikasa Prana Enhancement Intensive

Freedom from the pain within…

days: 28.11. – 2.12. 2018,  8:30 –  13:00

Tentative Schedule
Asana : Practice of Classical Hatha Yoga asanas in Atmavikasa Style along with Atmavikasa signature flexibility improvement techniques 8.30 am-11.00 am
Pranayama/meditation [ as deemed correct  by the teacher] 11.00-11.45 am
11.45-12.05 am Mindful Nutrition
12.05-12.45 pm : Chanting and philosophy
12.45 -1.00 Pm : Questions



  • All Five days 350 Euro (9100Kč),  300 Euro (7800Kč) early bird
  • Friday- Saturday- Sunday or any 3 days in a row : 225 Euro (5850Kč),  200 Euro (5200Kč) early bird

5 days intensive with Acharya Venkatesha and his wife Acharya Hema.

Our dear teachers are coming back to Prague for 5 day intensive, you can explore deep Hatha practice with these wonderful teachers or just get in touch with your Guru.

Class taught in English no Czech translation.


Whether you simply want to improve your physical health & Vigour or wish to face the challenges in work or become a better parent or win a championship or overcome an addiction or depression or lose weight or become a good teacher you should learn to deal with one thing in common – „Pain“
It is the fear of pain that often makes us give up on our dreams and aspirations…It will turn us into zombies who are alive but not living.
Designed and taught by the highly respected & celebrated Yoga couple- Yogacharya Venkatesha & Acharye Hema -who have jointly taught Yoga for over a hundred thousand hours, Atmavikasa Prana Enhancement Intensive is a profound & Life-transforming program. This workshop is all about understanding the roots of pain and learning to overcome the fear and suffering that come with it. The program addresses the physical, emotional and intellectual causes of pain and teaches you to step out of your comfort zone. It is not merely any other Yoga workshop where you learn to bend your body into various random shapes.
We dedicate this intensive to teach you the undiluted classical Hatha yoga techniques in a futuristic manner. You will learn how to practice in a way that doesn’t damage the body. Moreover, we will teach you how not to practice- if you wish to avoid injuries. You will learn to differentiate between the good and the bad pains. You will also learn those techniques, which can safely enhance your flexibility and deepen your practice skills. At the same time, you will also understand to heal your old injuries and fill Prana in every single cell of the body. This is a traditional workshop of ancient Yogic techniques where one learns the deep & fine connection between mind and body in the asanas.

During the workshop, we will teach you to use every muscle in the body and understand how mindfulness can change you. You will learn to challenge your physical/ mental limitations and transcend them without injury. Atmavikasa implies constant expansion of oneself…and freedom from the pain within. This workshop is meant for those who wish to grow in their practice and improve their lives. All levels of practitioners/ teachers/non teachers are welcome to attend this Prana- enriching, futuristic, health- assurance Yoga Immersion







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